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Stop waste dump costs!


Increase production space

Our scrap chopper will reduce the volume of unwanted packaging bandings, which can be dumped in a large (full truck) waste container, to only two former 210 litres' oil barrels.

Each time container services come and collect a full container at your workplace, your company profits are affected.  An ever-growing problem, since waste recycling will become a very important cost-determining factor in trade and industry in the future.  In the past, you could earn something from those waste steal bandings, nowadays you are already relieved that they are still willing to collect that waste and very soon you will be paying for collecting that kind of waste. That is what happened to paper and cardboard too in the past.

Plastic and steal will doubtlessly be next under the pressure of environmental law.  Waste dump costs for removing 3 waste containers of mixed waste may sometimes equal the costs of purchasing a waste banding scrap chopper. So this investment doesn't need a second thought.  It pays itself back in no time at all and on top of that you help saving and maintaining environment.


Cost price for industrial land has been an important factor in the structure of costs of a company balance sheet for years.  And it doesn't look like prices for land will become cheaper.  So it is important that each square meter of paved land will be used as profitably as possible.

No matter how expensive industrial land is, nobody can afford to buy such land just to collect and stock worthless rubbish.

Get rid of those large containers and rubbish in old oil barrels.  In the meantime, you can stock valuable products on those liberated square meters.






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Wagenaarstraat 43 - 8791 Waregem - Tel : +32 475.29.37.63 -
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